72hr BugOut Bag Kit List

Infographic for "BOB" aka "Bug-Out-Bag" List

Mother Nature has not been kind lately and the world has definitely become more chaotic! So having emergency back up plans are a must for anybody!

By popular demand, we've compiled a little infographic list of items one could carry in an emergency situation using a 'BOB' or a 'Bug-Out-Bag'. They are mainly suggestions, but we always say - pack what you'd use and would eat!

Here's what we came up with! If you have different items you carry in yours, let us know on twitter @graphixstation #bugoutbag .

Click the link below to download our free infographic of items we've compiled!

***Update (Oct 31, 2022)
If you're here for the Bug Out Bag info-graphic, we've got a new update coming! So stay tuned!

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